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Marine container transport

We provide the drayage service around Yokohama and Tokyo harbor area.
Wide variety of international marine container transportation services ranging from on-site transport to in-harbor transport are available - transport imported and unloaded containers to the designated warehouse, and in case of export containers, transport them from the warehouse to the port in Kanto area by operating 20 tractor heads and nearly 50 chassis.
To respond to our customer’s order, we have our own chassis pools in the Yokohama and Tokyo harbors.

General cargo transport

Based on our credible achievements, accumulated knowledge and skills since the foundation, we provide various freight transport services including beverages, electric appliances, machines, raw materials to meet our customer’s needs around Kanto area.
Please feel free to contact us with no concern for the distance or area of the service.
Once the condition such as configuration and volume of the freight meets, we are pleased to estimate even one parcel.

Industrial waste collection and transportation industry

Responding to the growing concerns for recycling, we acquired the license for industrial waste collectors and transporters in 2005 and encourage recycling.
Waste wooden pallets used for transportation, pet bottles and cans are collected by categories, then transported to the final disposal site safely.

【Grant number 01402120237】  Certificate DOWNLOAD.

Small delivery

We will deliver even one package irrespective of the distance (short, middle or long).
By contracting with several large transport corporations, we collect packages from the designated locations across the country and deliver them to the designated places. This is an agency service to arrange the delivery to the large transport corporations on behalf of the customers.
Taking advantages of each transport corporation, we offer the fastest and secure delivery service.
Note: This service is only available for the customers who already have contracts with us. It will take some time for the new customers to make use of this service.